Give It To Me Straight

3 Mins

Is there any reason contracts need complex language only a lawyer can decipher?

“Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, and subject to the foregoing and including, but in no way limited to…clause within a clause within another clause…”

Say that again? 

The concept of contracts written in plain language is not new. The 2015 Consumer Rights Act went a long way in improving the clarity of language in contracts between companies and consumers. Now consumers can expect to understand what they sign and confusing contracts are ‌unfair and unenforceable.

Extending fairness and transparency with plain English in business contracts is an ongoing battle. Attorney Ronald L Goldfarb declared that as lawyers “we unnecessarily mystify our work, baffle our clients, and alienate the public.”

Some contracts are so complex even a lawyer would struggle to understand it. This can lead to more litigation, delays, and expense as negotiations drag on. Plain English contracts don’t dumb down language but make it user-friendly, clear and direct. This helps build trust and speed up negotiations - which is in everyone’s interest.

No hidden surprises, loopholes or misunderstandings. Contracts without the legalese are the future!

Written by Jason Connolly