Cracking the Interview Code

5 minutes

⚖️ So, you’ve landed an interview for your dream legal job. What next? Now, it’s all about the interview prep and being ready to decode puzzling questions and unpredictable moments. Here are some tips on how to get interview ready:


  1. Verbal practice is key.

We often rush sentences when we’re nervous and add unnecessary waffle. Verbal practice helps you to be concise. Have a summary of your previous roles ready to go.


  1. Get a colleague or friend to mock interview you.

Prep isn’t about knowing every question beforehand and having an answer ready. It’s about showing confidence, navigating unexpected questions, and interpreting what information they’re asking for. Ask them to include some “What would you do if…” questions  too.


  1. Create short stories from your experience.

Simply put, an interviewer will switch off if you bore them with a list of demonstrated skills. Instead, have stories of your problem-solving prowess, your winning strategies, how you overcame a big problem.


  1. Be prepped on industry news.

Don’t miss the bigger industry picture. Swot up on the latest news that’s potentially relevant. Show you know what’s going on in the legal market in areas most significant to the firm.


  1. Keep your CV fresh in your mind.

Your interviewers may have closely analysed your CV and gone into the interview ready to get into the tiny details. But you may not have looked at your CV since you sent it off! So, make sure you know your CV best.


What's your go-to interview prep strategy? How do you deal with unexpected questions? Share your best interview prep tip in the comments🚀💡