Childhood Dreams

3 Mins

What was your dream job when you were a kid? 

Did you end up in that job?

For 96% of us, our childhood career dreams didn’t become a reality. From dancers and detectives to astronauts and athletes - our career dreams as kids bear little resemblance to life today. Despite that, a whopping 64% of us STILL wish we were fulfilling our childhood dream jobs.

A survey by Perkbox found that the career roles most likely to go from a childhood dream to reality were lawyer and teacher with a figure of around 14% for each. And apparently, if you fulfil your childhood dream job, you’re happier for it too.

Today's children are more likely to want to be a vlogger than an astronaut. Lego conducted a poll and found these jobs to be the top 5 favourites among kids from the UK and the US:

  • Vlogger/YouTuber
  • Teacher
  • Professional athlete
  • Musician
  • Astronaut

 Doctors, vets, and professional gamers were also popular options.

For many of us, our interests and passions change as we grow up. But also lack of opportunity, talent or resources plays a part.

For today’s children, it’s clear there’s a desire to pursue careers that require digital knowledge and skill. Handy, given three quarters of all jobs requiring some level of digital skills. What we need now is schools and companies to step up digital learning so future adults can fulfil their childhood dreams.

Written by Jason Connollly