Career Road Block

2 Mins

Does your job offer on-site training, mentorship programmes, or ways to upskill?

Lack of progression opportunities is a frustrating reason to look for a new job. But it’s a common one.

In a new survey by the Association for Project Management (APM), out of 2,000 employed UK adults, a fifth claim their job offers ZERO training that would help them move up or out of their current role.

And more than half (53 percent) are frustrated that their potential is going to waste and plan to look for new opportunities that fit their skills better.

As legal recruiters, this is often where we step in and match legal professionals to the right law firms and companies looking to fill in-house roles. It’s logical that people relish the chance to maximise their potential, and the most talented won’t stay put when a company offers no room to grow.

But wouldn’t it be better if companies didn’t put career roadblocks up in the first place?

Some workers are signing up and funding their own evening courses, and, unsurprisingly, are quite happy to take their new skills to a new company.

Training courses and promotions may come at a financial cost, but a high turnover of unhappy staff is much more expensive. Plus, training often helps shine a light on leadership and soft skills previously hidden away because of a lack of confidence and opportunities to demonstrate them.

Let employees spread their wings.

Don’t trap them in roles, even if you think they’re indispensable.

Written by Jason Connolly