Bad Advice

3 Mins

What’s the worst career advice you’ve received?

As legal recruiters, we’re in the business of giving out the best career advice and guidance possible. Our careers depend on it! But everyone from your Aunt Brenda to that drunk bloke you met at a party has an opinion on your career and what you should do.

So here are 3 of the worst pieces of career advice we’ve heard.

Work for free to get started

For years, unscrupulous companies have taken advantage of people keen to work for free hoping to get a start in their dream career. With no guarantee of paid work at the end, you could end up no better off. Volunteer work, reputable internships and proper work experience roles with a clear framework are the exception. Choose wisely!

Don’t make waves

If you’ve ever been told to stick to traditional ways of doing things and don’t make changes, that could be a red flag. Obviously it’s not wise to go up to your boss on the first day and suggest you know how to improve everything, but if you are stifled by old-fashioned attitudes or told it’s best to just “put up with it”, now could be the time to move elsewhere.

Get a steady job and stay put

Maybe that worked in the past, but not today. Even if your first job seems like the dream one for you, ‌it’s unlikely to fulfil all your career goals exactly when you want them in the future. That doesn’t mean quitting the moment something happens you don’t like, but it does mean pursuing opportunities, networking, and defining your career on your terms.

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Written by Jason Connolly