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In this feature, check out strange laws, norms, or practices from across the globe. Today, we shall delve into the legal systems of Egypt and Thailand. 

Taking your top off while driving in Bangkok

Imagine the Thai people's shock if they saw a shirtless Tom Holland driving his convertible car across the streets of Bangkok. They would not be fawning over him; on the contrary, it is considered very offensive and dangerous. 

Thai drivers need to make sure that no matter how hot it gets outside (which could be around 40 degrees at night), they do not feel the need to remove items of clothing. One should just let the sweat accumulate as taking your top off is seen as a criminal offence which can lead to a saucy fine! OUCH!!!

They do not discriminate. Whether you have a mesmerising dad bod or an aim to show off your phenomenal pectoral muscles, anyone can commit an offence. It is not worth it; the breeze can be felt another time. 

Dancing Your Way to an Egyptian Jail

It was a typical Friday night in Cairo. After an evening of good music and excellent company, Farouk and his friends had just left the local club when they noticed an establishment across the street that was open late with flashing lights. They could not believe their eyes! A place for men to belly dance? It was unheard of! Not one to miss out on such a unique opportunity, Farouk crossed the street with his heart racing and pushed through the crowded bar door. The DJ played Egyptian tracks while dozens of men in brightly coloured outfits gyrated around him. One particularly buff man in gold spandex caught his eye; he moved like liquid sunshine and then…


Egypt is a very conservative country in terms of culture and what they permit. In recent years there have been several cases where Egyptians accused of inciting debauchery and immorality have been imprisoned. 

Written by Jason Connolly