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A short week

  • July 21, 2021

Do you work a 4-day week?

The idea of working fewer hours has cropped up a lot recently, as people contemplate what the working future will or should look like after the pandemic.

There have been studies showing how a 4-day week with no loss of pay could drastically shrink the UK’s carbon footprint.

And academics suggest there’s evidence that a 3-day weekend instead would help improve people’s mental and physical health and sense of community and family.

But, the issue for most of us here is. If pay is reduced, 80% of British workers wouldn’t choose a 4-day week. 

Those who were most in favour were, unsurprisingly, high-paid workers and white-collar workers.

Those working in hospitality actually wanted to work more hours than they currently do. 

4-day week pilot schemes in Spain, Iceland and New Zealand show this is something some countries and a few large corporations are experimenting with. 

But if the pay is to stay the same, somewhere along the line profits get cut, and taxes go.

Could you do a week’s worth of work in 4 days on the same money? Would you like everyone to work 4 days a week instead of 5? 

Written by Jason Connolly