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A balancing act

  • July 16, 2021

There are 13 million working parents in the UK. How do they feel about returning to the office?

A YouGov survey in May shows 50% are concerned that less flexible working will have a negative impact on family life?

29% are worried caring responsibilities make them more vulnerable to redundancy when the furlough scheme ends?

So, what can recruiters do to support working parents?

Flexible working isn’t just home or remote working. It’s also about flexible hours, part-time roles, and job sharing. 

When we talk to employers about the perks they offer, and the opportunities they have, it’s important the search for talent reaches a diverse group to attract top talent.

Jobs that advertise flexible working are likely to look very attractive now so many people have experienced what it's like and how to make it work.

And those jobs won’t simply attract women. Flexible working opportunities appeal to 84% of parents regardless of gender, age, region, or class. 

Let’s not let the return to the office rule out opportunities for parents and carers. 

Flexible working has been a success for many, so let’s build on that in the recruitment sector and make this a positive to come out from the pandemic.

Does flexible working work for you?

Written by Jason Connolly