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Gimme a lunch break

  • June 10, 2021

The average UK worker takes just 28 minutes off for lunch.

This statistic comes from data both before and during Covid-19, and is 6 minutes less than recorded in 2017. 

That equates to working an extra 20 days for free!

There has also been an increase in the number of people missing their lunch break altogether.

Delving a little deeper, it seems women are more likely than men to skip the lunch break and eat at their desks instead compared to men.

And men are more likely to socialise with colleagues on their lunch break.  

Another interesting snippet in the data is that people who worked in flexible office spaces were less likely to eat at their desk compared to those in traditional offices. 

Why is this happening? Surely more workplaces are aware of the benefit of breaks for mental wellbeing? 

Sometimes it comes from leadership issues. If you don’t see your boss taking a break, it can make the employees feel they need to follow suit. 

What’s your take on the missing lunch break? 

Do you religiously take your full 1-hour break or regularly miss it?