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Checking out the company

  • May 25, 2021

Looking for a new job? Or just seeing what’s around?

What gets you excited about a new potential employer?

An article by the Recruiting Times has a few ideas of what today’s potential employees are looking for, so let’s see if they match up with your own:

Growing room - many employees today want to see the potential for their own future progress at a company, so if a firm looks one dimensional, fewer talented recruits are likely to apply.

They also want to see a company show ambition to grow, not remain stagnant and comfortable with the status quo.

Perks and benefits - unsurprisingly, employees like rewards and feel incentivised when there’s a company car, gym membership, or private healthcare on offer. It doesn’t just have to be at the recruitment stage either - offering future perks can build motivation and loyalty.

Reputation and culture - how to portray your company to the public will probably play a large part in the talent you attract, because employees care that their personal values align with the company. Make it clear what you stand for and the culture you’re creating for staff.

Does that sound similar to your own job hunt?

Let me know what’s top of your list when you’re looking at job adverts?

Written by Jason Connolly