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Are you a procrastinator?

Yes? No? Maybe? Not sure? Need a week to think about it⁉??**Argh?£???**

We’re all prone to putting off today what we can do tomorrow. I’m certainly guilty of that. But sometimes we overthink and under-deliver.

It matters because procrastination can kill business growth and career improvement if you’re not careful. More and more tasks build up, and we can end up putting more energy into ignoring tasks than tackling them. Self-doubt creeps in, and then we feel like we’re failing.

The solution? Don’t wait for your magic motivator to arrive!  Instead, start writing down daily action goals and ticking them off. A ‘to do’ list is such a simple thing, but a great habit to get into. Break big daunting tasks down into smaller steps. Put small things down you know you’re going to do anyway, and tick them off. It’s very satisfying to do, and a great habit to get into.

Write down:

  • What needs doing.
  • When it needs to be finished by.
  • How you’ll tackle it.

There’s lovely stationery, ready-made lists and apps for this sort of thing. But however you try to kick the procrastination habit, start today, not tomorrow.

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Written by Jason Connolly