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Who is Meghan Markle?

I’m joking. You’d have to be in a media blackout not to know her name by now.

Prince Harry and Meghan’s Oprah interview has got the tabloids riled up over a multitude of issues from racism to working for the family business, bullying to royal privilege.

The issue I’m mentioning here - because it’s close to my heart - is mental health and suicide.

When any person says they are struggling or have depression and feelings of suicide, the bare minimum we should do is believe them. Don’t bully, belittle, or undermine someone when they tell you they are in pain, or stand by if you witness this happening to someone.

  • Stand up for colleagues who say they’re suffering right now.
  • Speak up against those who show intolerance to someone who says they’re struggling.
  • Create a safe place for it to be okay not to feel okay. 

With the recent documentary recounting Caroline Flack’s suicide last year and the role newspapers had in that, I can’t help feeling we’re forgetting famous people are human too. And frankly, it’s about time the newspaper’s backed off.

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Written by Jason Connolly