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Computer Recruiter

  • February 19, 2021

Are you ready to be rejected by a computer?

Remote working also means remote interviews. With traditional recruitment methods being impossible to do in the current pandemic, it’s no surprise AI tools have taken off.

The consequence? You may have to impress a bot, not a human to win your next job. And it’s happening now - not in some dim and distant future.

This article demonstrates what it’s like to be an interviewee facing a recruitment process via AI, with a 25 minute test which will either pass or fail them without another human involved.

Weird, huh? And a bit daunting.

But this is on the increase, so it’s good to be prepared. Vodaphone recently used a system that takes 25 thousand data points from video interviews, examining visual & verbal cues, face movements, body language and tone to narrow down 100,000 graduate applications for 10,000 jobs.

The theory is it helps eliminate bias and speeds up the remote recruiting process. In practice, there are still some kinks in the armour. But be prepared! It may be a computer you have to give a great first impression to for your next interview.

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