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Boss boundaries

  • February 19, 2021

Do you work with someone who expects you to be there 24/7?

You’re not alone.

With many staff working remotely, the boundaries between you and your boss can blur. There’s a pressure to respond and be available, especially when lockdown means we can’t be in the office to prove our work value in the usual way. So our work keeps creeping into our home lives more and more. What can we do to stop it? Make a list!

How often do you want to check work emails after 5pm?

How present do you want to be for family events like mealtimes?

How will you avoid distractions during work hours?

When will you be totally unplugged?

Work out the consequences to events. Fill the gaps:

 If _______ then ________.

So: If my boss emails me at 8pm, then I’ll respond by 10am the next day.

If my boss rings during dinner, I’ll ignore and call back after dinner.

Try to stick to it and remember your value at work is for those working hours, not ALL the time.

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