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Signs of Job Burnout

  • January 07, 2021

What does burnout feel like? Look like? Sound like?

The answer is that burnout doesn’t happen with a big bang, but creeps up on you slowly. So the signs can be hard to spot. How you experience burnout can be very different from someone else, but the causes have some common warning signs:

●      Feeling alienated from work activities - distancing yourself from your job and work colleagues.

●      Physical symptoms - headaches, stomach problems and other physical issues could stem from prolonged stress.

●      Emotionally exhausted - feeling unable to cope, tired all the time and struggling to find any energy are signs things are not right.

●      Poorer performance at work - if your work is starting to suffer, creativity is lacking and your attitude is negative you’re likely to underperform.

So if you start to experience any of these warning signs don’t panic. Burnout is reversible with the right support. Time off can help in the short-term, but a long term plan is better. You need a change of thinking and workload. Speak to a mental health professional and don’t let stress become the new normal.

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