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Overwork is overrated

  • January 07, 2021

Overwork is something our society glamourises. It’s also something we often do to ourselves as well—especially when lockdown forces us to work from home and the need to prove ourselves increases. We might envy those who talk of pushing themselves to the limit. Equate working too hard with greater achievement. Then we feel guilty when we don’t have work to do. But there are big downsides to wearing an overwork ‘badge of honour’:

●      Poor diet

●      No sleep

●      Lack of exercise

●      Stress

●      Missing time with friends and family

Many of us have at some point bragged about working a long day. But working yourself to the edge of what’s healthy can lead to burnout and depression.

If you want to enjoy a long and fulfilling career then it’s wise to take on long-haul tactics. Stop congratulating yourself and others for overworking, and instead, find time to relax and switch off.

Let’s make 2021 the year we look after our mental health when we’re working. And congratulate ourselves for achieving our goals without burning the work candle at both ends.

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