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Bad Bosses

  • January 07, 2021

What makes a boss bad?

Well, according to a study by Resumelab these are the worst things bad bosses most commonly do:

●      Criticise you in front of your peers.

●      Systematically kill initiative and ideas.

●      Deny you a raise or promotion without a valid reason.

●      Lie to people at work.

So how do they get into leadership positions in the first place?

A lot of bad bosses aren’t simply promoted to the role, they’re recruited externally. The impact is low morale, increase in sick leave, high staff turnover...all bad for business. So this is poor recruiting and not looking closely at the management process currently operating in the company. Here’s how hr managers and recruiters can address it:

1.     Look at your current managers and spot what’s going wrong.

2.     Use evidence and present your findings to them and the changes you want to see.

3.     Retrain them.

Some will be glad of the opportunity and support, but others will fight it and probably need to be managed out of the firm. Ultimately, the goal is to find or develop people with strong leadership skills.

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