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The Lawtech Sext App

  • November 25, 2020

LawTech strikes again! This time with an app that offers legal protection for anyone who likes to sext (send explicit images using their phone - for the innocent among us). Sure, the most obvious way of avoiding people spreading nude pictures of you is to not take them. But plenty of people enjoy sexting  - so now there’s an app for it!

E-gree lets you draw up binding contracts without a lawyer or fee. Not all their agreements are about sexting, but this one has got the press talking. E-gree’s Chief Legal officer Keith Fraser explains:

“If a party asks a Court to enforce the provisions of the Sexting e-greement, the court will be obligated to look for a number of elements to satisfy itself that a valid and enforceable contract exists. Like most well-crafted written contracts, the e-gree Sexting agreement expressly sets forth language to satisfy the offer, acceptance and consideration elements.”

You have to be 18 to sign the agreement, and it’ll apparently stand up in most parts of the world. Given a 2019 survey revealed 25% of adults receiving a sext shared it with 3 other people, there’s clearly a need for extra security.

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