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BBC Pride Guidelines

  • November 12, 2020

What’s political and controversial and what’s just the right thing to do?

The BBC have got themselves in a right tangle over this very issue after they released guidelines suggesting staff would be banned from attending Pride.

Later, the BBC clarified staff can go as long as they don’t, “get involved in matters which could be deemed political or controversial”. Which raises the question - where’s the line?

Pride has always been both a celebration and a protest. The idea that there’s only 1 half BBC staff can support is ridiculous. They go together like rainbows and flags.

For those of us in the LGBT community, Pride is our statement to the world that we exist, love and we deserve equality in the eyes of the law - despite those who disagree. The rights we have won have been many, but hard fought for and there’s more to do.

What the BBC seems to be saying is if there’s too much opposition to a subject their employees will be breaching workplace rules - even if it’s the right thing to do. Surely supporting LGBT rights is simply supporting human rights, and no workplace should be able to stop that? 

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