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My name is Joe Bryant and I am the Recruitment Consultant that covers the South East desk for JMC Legal Recruitment.

Before JMC, I was a university student and in essence, this role was my first ‘proper job’ upon completing my degree. Previously, I have had several ad-hock jobs working in pubs, small companies and part-time jobs at university, but you could certainly say I was fresh-faced coming into recruitment.

I joined JMC Legal as I felt this JMC was genuinely different. Creating a unique brand in today’s market is no easy feat, but I truly believe Jason has done a fantastic job in doing this. There is a clear culture of fun, fair play, camaraderie but also working very hard and setting the bar higher than most likely, anyone else out there. From the options I assessed from day one, I knew this was the one for me.

The training offered by JMC Legal is second to none. The ‘two pronged’ approach of having my manager Charlie to discuss your day to day coupled with speaking to Jason – a highly experienced / successful recruiter to discuss long term ambitions and aims is everything you need to make a success of it. If you put 100% into job, they will put 110% into you. I never wanted to join a massive conglomerate of an agency, I feel working 1 on 1 with experienced recruiters in a boutique environment was the best way to develop my skills, and I feel I have benefitted massively.

The best part of working at JMC is the culture. I imagine there are few very, if any agencies that operate in the same way. We work very hard in what we do, but we have created a fun culture steering well clear of corporate stuffy values.

This role has changed my perspective on working life entirely. Whilst the monetary rewards are fantastic, I have always been obsessed with being the best I can be at whatever I do, JMC have given me the tools to allow me to do that in the recruitment field. It has changed my perspective from being happy with mediocrity, for now only being happy with the best – an ethos that I try to implement to all I work with.