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My name is Joseph Kersey and I am a senior legal recruitment consultant for JMC Legal.

I was a Law Student at the University of Southampton, working part time at Longleat Safari Park. Whilst studying, I later became an Assistant Manager at a British Legion social club, to which I stayed for a little bit after  graduation. I later joined a High street recruitment company working within Healthcare where I established one of the most profitable desks in the company.

I had a huge interested and a good knowledge of Law having studied it at University. I knew I wanted to move to Legal recruitment after learning the basics of recruitment, as well as stepping ‘up a level’ working on higher value placements. JMC stood out as a leader in the market even though it was relatively junior at the time. I knew it would be a good company to join where I could make that step up and importantly; see a real career develop.  

The training I received from industry giant - Jason Connolly has definitely developed and sharpened a lot of skills that have been crucial to recruitment and in general life. I joined the company when it was only a small handful in an office on park street and I like to think I have grown substantially with the company over the years. I have the opportunity to work alongside strong individuals, take on new challenges and lead a team. I have found the career progression very strong and as we are a growing company with plenty more opportunity to grow further.

Culturally it is an ideal place to work. I am surrounded by like minded individuals who have all come from different backgrounds. We all work well together and importantly we do have a laugh. It is a very relaxed culture amongst the chaos that recruitment can throw at you! We also have all the best tools, software and marketing which really allows you to optimise billing. I find it strange that a lot of companies don’t have the same tools available, as they really allow you to recruit at a very high level.

Importantly it would be without a shadow of doubt that financially my life has changed. I have paid all my debts I occurred from being a student and young, I have managed to buy things I could never afford, treat my family, friends and partner to more than I ever could and go on holidays I never thought would happen. A lot of the soft skills I have learnt I have brought into my personal life and it has made me into a better, smarter person.

Joseph Kersey - Senior Legal Recruitment Consultant (London City & West End). 0203 865 2113 & (