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My name is Charlie Simpkin and I am a Managing Legal Recruitment Consultant & Head of the South West of England Desk for JMC Legal. 

Before JMC, I was an Estate Agent – this was a great industry to start my sales career in as it gave me an insight into how people work and what makes them tick, but the opportunities for earnings were limited. I joined JMC due to the outstanding training on offer from the legal industries leading recruiter – Jason Connolly. The people, culture and the incentivised working are second to none!

The training is as good as it gets. You’re given all of the tools and knowledge that you require to replicate the formula that our successful consultants use – it’s then down to you to implement everything and work hard but, you’ll always be supported and motivated to do so which makes it all feel much less like ‘work’! Career progression is something that is not limited by a ‘glass ceiling’ – when looking for a promotion, it’s all about your output and it is as a meritocracy you’re rewarded handsomely.

The platform that you’re given to achieve genuine success in your career has got to be one of the most important things as it’s not just a job, it is a genuine career. Everyone takes their roles seriously, but has fun doing so.

My life has changed in several ways since joining JMC – prior to this I’ve been stuck in an office with a toxic culture and so to now be a part of something so special where the people are all fantastic, is incredible. Financially, the opportunities working for JMC have given me were just a pipe-dream in my previous jobs. I have gone from a position of financial insecurity, to being able to buy my own property, fund a lifestyle that I enjoy and to help, support and treat loved ones.

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Charlie Simpkin - Managing Consultant & Head of the South-West of England. 0117 422 0318 (