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My name is Henry Williams and I am the Recruitment Consultant for the South East of England  for JMC Legal Recruitment.

I worked in the e-cigarette industry as a sales manager in B2B and retail sales; prior to this I worked briefly in Industrial Recruitment, and have 2 years of experience working in Operations Management for the NHS.

I find the legal industry and the people that work within it very interesting, I also really liked the feel of the office culture when I came in for my interview; it is vibrant and buzzing.

Things have moved very quickly for me, and alongside the very intensive training provided by Jason from the very first week, the entire team have been very supportive and helped with my on the job training. The technology on hand is second to none, making the job of a consultant so much more fine tuned and easily manageable.

I am much more productive than I used to be, and have become a much more positive person due to the friendly and collaborative culture in the office.