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The Power Of Marketing

  • October 29, 2019

The Legal sector is one of the fastest developing, technology advancing professional services sectors, which is evident most recently by huge investments into “Law-tech”. Alongside this advancement, we are seeing an increasing trend in firms looking to bring Marketing, Advertising and Web Design in-house.

Be it a Marketing Assistant or creating a whole specialist team to advance the firms profile, when does it become a financially viable option to do this, rather than using external agencies – or when to notice if you are falling behind your competitors?

What signs to look out for? Are you seeing a reduction in website activity?

Firms who have updated their websites and highlighted this to their prospective client base have seen a significant increase in activity. This is best utilised when firms highlight their core practice areas, specialist sectors and key people (including those recommended in Chambers & Legal500) meanwhile ensuring their website is user friendly with captivating content.

Have you seen a reduction of responses or attendees to business development and networking events?

Business development and networking has a direct and significant impact in the success of winning new business and raising the profile of the firm, so it is of the upmost importance that any event hosted by the firm is seen by all.

By being able to maximise the attention of this to existing and prospective clients should be at the very forefront of every marketing campaign. Identifying the best way to market this is another matter, the best start is to monitor each campaign to see how many, and what people are attending, and keep an eye on whether this number is decreasing/ increasing or identify who your target audience is.

Have you recognised your firm losing business to a competitor – and are they doing something that you should be?

How does your marketing compare to your competitor, have you consistently pitched for the same business and lost out to them? Identifying, highlighting and marketing your key strengths as a firm will help with pitching for business within that given sector – giving you the opportunity to show off your specialism – increasing the likeliness of securing new business.

Do you encourage Personal Branding?

Why not get each team involved in the marketing process, whether this is sharing thoughts on changes to the industry, writing blogs, providing updates or recent successes not only as an individual but the firm as a whole – consistent, high quality targeted content is a great way to attract business to the firm.

Do you have enough time to produce quality content – or are you still enjoying it?

As the producer of marketing, blogs etc are you struggling to find enough time to provide attractive content or have you become disenchanted with the process, if so, it may be time to find support – as this shows through.

Slugging it out to complete the task can become more detrimental to the firm than not producing content at all.

What is the effect on the business?

Be this an update in your firm’s website, an investment in personal branding to secure local business or committing to an in-house function to gain regional attention – all marketing is positive, but there are a number of factors to consider before committing to a full-on campaign.

What can you do / What is your budget - options?

Find out how much you can or would consider investing into this budget. Then compare it to how much content you would look to create, and what success you have with this e.g. how many likes per blog/ article/post, how many people attend networking events, or how much business won.

Then you can cost it up and find out whether it is beneficial to use external sources or start to create an in-house function where you can constantly create quality content.

How we can help?

We have Consultants who are regional specialists in providing the very best Marketing professionals, usually with experience within the professional services sector – with proven success in implementing these campaigns.

Should you be looking to add to your Marketing team, or look to implement an in-house function, speak to one of our specialists today who can consult and advise on the best approach to recruiting into this area.

I would be keen to find to what successes you or your firm have had with marketing, please feel free to Like, Comment & Share.

By Senior Recruitment Consultant (East Anglia & Essex) - Henry Hoey