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It goes without saying that once you are on LinkedIn, you become inundated with connection requests; everybody wants to let you know ultimately what their professional platform has to offer you. It is a great tool and a tool that has led to businesses growing and of course a great tool for the ‘crazed’ LinkedIn influencers we see repeating one another.

However, what LinkedIn highlights better than any other platform is your next career move. Although you may not be looking, it is a way of knowing what opportunities are out there and you never know; you may come across the unicorn position you have been dreaming of.

So Before you dismiss that connection request from a Recruiter, I’ve broken down the reasons why you should accept a LinkedIn request.

1. Opportunity

It may sound cheesy, but ‘the perfect role’ could be waiting for you. While you may be comfortable where you are, there are a few reasons to keep your eye on what’s out there, not least of which is that a comfortable and easy position can often be counter-intuitive for personal and career development/growth. There is countless research to suggest that coasting in your role can very quickly lead to boredom. Simply accepting a connection request from a recruiter can keep you from missing out on that golden opportunity.

2. Latest Industry News

Connecting with recruiters can give you access to the latest industry-related news you may not find elsewhere, and it could be a valuable way to stay up to date with your industry. As well as a recruiter sharing the latest industry news straight to your feed, you are also receiving any posts that may be liked and shared by that recruiter, while expanding your network on LinkedIn.

3. You can hide your LinkedIn connections

There is often a worry that your current employer may be monitoring your LinkedIn connections, and there is a simple way this can be avoided. Although in most cases this is not true, a simple and common privacy setting change will allow you to hide your connections from view and keep your peace of mind.

4. Valuable market insights

Recruiters are industry experts, especially here at JMC. We speak with anyone from a junior level to industry leaders at a whole range of firms from high street to city. We’re up to date with market trends, insights and share the latest industry news on a daily basis. Recruiters can be valuable connections to have, in more ways than to find you your next role; they may even be able to help you understand your worth in the current market.

5. There is no Stigma attached!  

Linking doesn’t mean moving. Accepting a LinkedIn request from a recruiter doesn’t mean you’re looking to make a move. Although a recruiter may want to find out if you are open to opportunities, it could be worth having the connection later down the line. There really is no stigma attached to linking with a recruiter. Ultimately, Linked In can be a benefit to all kinds of areas. Being connected to a variety of professional individuals across industries can help you grow your business and brand or help you achieve your aspirations!

Written by Legal Recruitment Consultant George Sanderson (London).