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Generally, regardless of industry, times of economic uncertainty are more associated with consolidation and survival, rather than growth or taking that ‘leap of faith’. At the best of times law firms are intrinsically risk adverse. With everything that is going on at the moment, and with b***** (yes I refuse to even spell it as I am sick of the word) being delayed until October, to be controversial, I am going to argue why now, contrary to popular belief, might be a really good time to start actively looking.

Here at JMC Legal, we have noticed something really really interesting. Despite law firms being at their very nature risk adverse, there has not be a noticeable decrease in role instructions throughout the regions. What we have noticed, is a slight decrease in an already candidate short market leading us to an interesting, albeit simple equation.

The increase in role instructions plus a decrease in candidates, equals more potential scope for opportunities in the job market.

To explain it simply, it's my belief that a tactful individual can really take advantage of the situation by going into the job market at a time where many are hesitant. Moreover, reaching out and conversing is far from a contractual obligation in accepting a new position. I would recommend anyone who is isn’t satisfied in their current role to ask the question, because why not? There is nothing wrong with making the most of a bad situation, and in many instances, it looks positive that you would even look to do so. If you can take advantage of other people’s hesitancy, why not do it?

Making that leap of faith in a time where you do not know what the future holds may seem counter intuitive, I personally feel that it could give you access to opportunities that you would otherwise not have access to previously as a result of fierce competition. Whilst there are other factors in play in any given job search, it’s an interesting thought.

Key attributes law firms look for are; ambition, commercially mindedness and determination. If the positions are out there for the taking, it would be my genuine advice (despite what you may hear about the market) to take that plunge and have that first conversation if you are looking to progress in your practice and climb that career ladder. As mentioned, a initial conversation isn’t a contractual obligation to accept a position, use a recruiter as a soundboard, this is what we are here for.

Whilst saying it is as simple would be an overstatement, its interesting food for thought though…