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  • April 24, 2019

The path to legal practice isn’t always smooth sailing, with some lawyers pursuing very unconventional routes before eventually finding their way into the profession.

Legal Twitter has exploded with tales of lawyers’ unique paths into law. Using the hashtag #5JobsIHad, solicitors revealed the five jobs they held prior to their current post.

It wasn’t all paralegals and legal assistants as you might think. Rachel Law, criminal barrister at Goldsmiths Chambers, is a case in point. Proving that varied life experience is just as important as having stellar academic credentials to bag a career in law, Law revealed she held posts as a “medieval wench”, “Christmas grotto elf” and “haunted house scarer” before finding her place at the bar.

This was something fellow barrister Emmanuel Goldstein knows too well. “It’s vitally important, for people entering the practice of law to have practical, real world experience outside of it,” he tweeted, before revealing his experience extends to “bouncer”, & a “book store clerk”.

To sum it all up, it's shows how varied the legal profession has become, whereas before, “solicitor” and “partner” would be the only roles featured.

My first jobs before becoming a Legal Recruitment Designer were;

1. National Rifle Association Target Marker (Mark every shot on a 16ft metal target whilst sat in a trench outdoors.

2. Table Waiter to Amateur Boxing Fights

3. University Admin - Preparing Student accommodation halls

4. Ministry of Defence Communications Team


Source - Legalcheek