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How transparency with a recruiter is essential to the success of a candidate’s job search

That often daunting moment when looking for a new role can cast a great deal of doubt into the mind of a potential ‘job seeker’. There are a number of specialist recruitment agents out there that will offer varying degrees of service and demonstrate varying degrees of knowledge. When working with multiple agencies it is often the case that the all the details related to a search may not be disclosed to a Recruiter. The candidate may not want to keep repeating the same information and they may not want to disclose sensitive information to a recruiter they feel less comfortable with in the recruitment process. This can be of great detriment to any ongoing job search.

The importance of transparency in the recruitment process

The importance of transparency is key. A good recruiter will ask about as many details as possible to ensure that they are meeting their candidates’ requirements consistently to find the best possible role based on their requirements. If a certain requirement, stipulation or piece of information regarding a candidate’s past is omitted then it can have negative and potentially disastrous consequences for a candidate’s search.

Essential information to cover from the outset with a recruiter

  • Salary
  • Location desired
  • Type of firm
  • Firm culture preferred
  • Ongoing applications (Agency or Direct)
  • Regulatory interventions
  • Management style preferred

Transparency relating to requirements

Good recruiters are passionate about their clients and will highlight the merits and potential of each firm and role. It is often difficult for a candidate to speak up in the face of such enthusiasm. Yes it is very important to keep an open mind and to listen to a Recruiters advice, but if a Recruiter is pushing a candidate into a role then they would be best advised to stop working with them.

A candidate should always tell a Recruiter if they disagree and a good Recruiter will always listen. If a candidate thinks that they run the risk of alienating a Recruiter by saying no then they should again look elsewhere.

Honesty is always the best policy

Confidentiality is key and trust is the foundation for a healthy and effective relationship with a Recruiter. Using too many recruiters is a convoluted and cumbersome route and doesn’t bode well for a working relationship founded on these key principles. Candidates should use one agency at first and if they do not deliver then move on.  A Recruiter that takes the ‘no stone unturned’ approach will provide the desired results. The more information offered to a Recruiter the more tailored the search and the better the outcome.

Why should a candidate trust a Recruiter

Stay close to a good Recruiter, they will take control of your search and will always act in your best interests. The indicators to look out for are -

  • Check the consultants Linkedin profile to see how long the have been a recruiter
  • Check for testimonials and Google reviews to see if there has been good feedback
  • Trust your judgement, if you don’t like the sound of a Recruiter then don’t use them
  • Never trust a recruiter that doesn’t listen when registering
  • Test the market knowledge of the recruiter by asking questions

Trust established; how to proceed

Remember that a good Recruiter acts as a liaison between the candidate and the client. It is a Recruiters job to advise on how to effectively handle interviews and everything associated with finding a new role. Taking the ‘warts and all’ approach with a Recruiter will help them modify and handle responses based on their candidates’ requirements and the criteria set out by the client. They will pre-empt any potential issues, will advise accordingly and will mitigate any potential pitfalls along the way. Transparency is the key to success when working with a Recruiter and this can make all the difference.

The staff at JMC are experienced and on hand to assist with Lawyers at all levels. We act in the best interests of clients and candidates and our best practice approach is consistent with our core values as a business. The more we know, the better placed we are to assist in finding a position for the long term.