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Why Monday mornings are important

  • February 25, 2019

“Beep Beep”, It’s the sound of that dreaded alarm clock. As you slowly pry open one eye, you suddenly have the deep sinking feeling that the weekend is over and today is Monday. “Can I press snooze again for the 3rd time?”. You roll out of bed, singing a classic Boomtown Rats anthem “I don’t like Mondays” while you gulp in the hot morning cup of tea. I mean it’s hardly surprising you are tired on a day that was originality devoted to honouring the moon.

However, Monday’s were for working. If you are lucky enough to be an individual working on the tradition five day week set up, where the weekends are free, then today is the first day of the week. Today’s here for a fresh start and, like all fresh starts, you can only move forward.

If you are the unfortunate type, then you may have already been working through the weekend. But when it comes to getting work done, Monday is the most productive day. According to a study by Redbooth, they found that 20.4% tasks are completed on a Monday compared to 16.7% on a Friday. No wonder Forbes coined the phrase “Get-It-Done Mondays” In Business, time flies. You’ve looked down, taken a breath and suddenly 4 hours have disappeared. “Oh sugar, I have so much to do”. This is something admittedly I am guilty of. But this why Mondays are so important, Mondays allow you to start the week on top.

The first thing on Monday, you should wrap up last week’s unfinished business. If you have managed to get everything done by the close of play on Friday then you probably haven’t done enough. There is always something that could be done, so starting the week by completing the task that has dragged on to the next week should be your priority. This feeling of completion on Monday morning will only stimulate you for the rest of the week. If you start the week with a win, even minor then already you can feel the positivity flowing through your mind. Your mood has already lifted as you changed your tune from Boomtown Rats to the Pulsating drum beat of Blue Monday. It is a new order after all!

Once you have done this, planning your week from the top suddenly seems like a much easier task. You have already shortened your to-do list, now you are tackling the week from high ground and like any battlefield, the high ground gives you the advantage. Monday is the perfect day for hitting your inbox, turning those items into actions. Creating a schedule that gives your week the structure, this will allow you to easily stop becoming overwhelmed and less likely to push of actions until the next week. Which we all know is a bad habit. Not only will it favour you, but it will only favour your Business. Speaking to Clients and answering any questions promptly will only show your desire that separates you from the completion and demonstrates your value to the clients. Afterall there is nothing more frustrating than being left on “Read” when you have a question that needs answering.

As hard as it is to be enthusiastic on Monday, you will probably not feel any fresher as the week goes on. The less drained you are, the more creative and open to new ideas you become. There will quite often be leads on a Thursday and Friday that you will write off, as you may be less susceptible to a harder task or something that doesn’t interest you. However, you have already started your day with a win, and you are now feeling a lot more optimistic. It’s probably a good time to pick up that phone and maximize your opportunities. This is probably the best time to grow your Business. Seizing the week at the start will likely increase your chances of sealing the Deal by the end of the week.

If you don’t embrace a Monday, then you can quite often find yourself burning out by the end of the week. Especially as you are now taking over more baggage into the weekend. How often in Business does a sure deal which is ready to be sealed by the Friday doesn’t come to Fruition because of a change of heart over the weekend? Limiting these missed opportunities can be the key to Success. It’s time to have Manic Monday. Queue ‘The Buggles’.

Joseph Kersey