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Long hours and working yourself into the ground for high pay and status is not what motivates many junior and budding Lawyers today.

When considering a career in law, often there are many misconceptions, even up until the point of finishing university. The glamour of life in a law firm, resembling that of an episode of suits is far from the reality of what it is like to be a lawyer in training.

A training contract at some of the City’s larger firms can be a truly gruelling process, in some Magic and Silver circle firms you can expect 12 hour days being quite the norm. If you are working on a deal for instance in the US, you might be expected to be working hours that match that of the east coast of the US.

I do personally feel though that with the a new generation of trainee Lawyers coming into the industry, a big proportion of these are wanting more work-life. We are finding that millennials are more interested in people than money, prefer collaborative working structures.

That being said this isn’t the case for all firms and trainees, remuneration for is indeed high for some newly qualified Lawyers working in the City’s most elite and prestigious law firms. A newly qualified British lawyers working for US firms in London could start on £135,000. Even a typical Magic Circle starting salary is £85,000, more than three times the national average UK wage.

I think the key thing here though is there are more options for legal professionals now and no matter what might motivate you, you will be likely to find a role that works for you. Give us a call on 0203 865 2113 to explore what options might be out there for you.