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Less considered benefits

  • January 30, 2019

The less considered benefits of using a recruiter

There are a lot of obvious advantages to using a recruiter, but I wanted to shed light on some of the ones you might not have considered.

Do you hate portals and job applications?

I am still amazed at the number of companies who fail to appreciate just how much of a barrier their un-intuitive, hyper-analytical, somewhat pointless screening software is. There is something rather daunting about starting stage 1 of a 12-stage job application without so much as a reassurance that the internal responder will look at it for more than 10 seconds.

All that effort you take to write cover letters, dig up your secondary school diplomas, find out where you lived for the last 5 years, is largely irrelevant if the company looking will only consider you from a Red-Brick Uni. Despite this, they will still expect you to fill out endless boxes of information which they can keep on file.

A good recruiter who understands their roles can usually tell you on the basis of a 5 to 10-minute conversation which options might be right for you, and you don’t have to do much past that point except for giving consent. In most cases, we bypass all the portals and job applications to present directly to decision makers who trust our judgements. Its win-win-win for all three parties.

Bespoke interview preparation

The basics of interview preparation are not difficult for most people to grasp. A quick Google and you will have pages of generic advice which can be applied to a number of roles. You might be able to trim this down and find interview preparation for a particular sector. However, I challenge you to google interview preparation at ‘X, Y or Z’ Company. You will not find much past a Reddit post on an isolated incident or a modern company operating transparently.

For my closest clients I could tell you not only which questions to prepare for but the tone of how they will ask them, and what you need to do to recover if you slip up. In some situations, I could even tell you what brand of tea they will offer you to drink. Granted, not all clients are so forthcoming but using a recruiter who knows their client will give you a huge advantage in being ready.

Explaining mis-steps in your experience

The “Ban the Box” movement to remove criminal records from applications has taken off in some countries, but the UK remains a step behind. I am a firm believer that an exceptional candidate can have a momentary blip in sensibility and unfortunately end up on the wrong side of the law, with their employability suffering. As a result, I will always listen to the circumstances and advocate a candidate who finds themselves in these situations.

Some organisations will automatically remove applications from candidates with criminal convictions, jumpy work experience, or bad credit checks. I have managed to secure opportunities for people who face this problem simply by being able to pitch directly to decision makers, something that outside of working with a recruiter you would not have a chance to do.

The same principal is applied to bad career moves or role hopping. If it is explainable and reasonable, we can make it heard.

Discussing things some people are uncomfortable to talk about

Negotiating salary can be a big fear barrier for some people and having someone who can do it for you can come as a huge relief. Despite this, a lot of candidates do not realise that we expect to this and have no problem whatsoever trying to get you the best overall package.

Other bugbears and contentious subjects we are happy to broach for you are; running late, rearranging meetings, asking for special arrangements, and many others.

Go national quickly

In my company, I work closely with specialists in the Midlands, South West, and North who all deal with senior level hires. It takes me 5 minutes to pitch your background to my colleagues, and for them to identify any options which are relevant in other geographies. It can take an age to try and find good opportunities in places where you have limited knowledge. Because of this set-up, we can make looking at the breadth of the country a breeze.

There are multiple reasons to work with a good recruiter, and I could type out a list longer than I care to write. Hopefully the above highlights a few less reported reasons to consider when you start to look for a new role.

Feel free to contact me should you have any questions.