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It’s the time of year again. Holiday prices increase by over 200%; the traffic in the morning becomes post-apocalyptic with considerably fewer cars on the road and you awake to suddenly the joys of ‘pre-school flight check’ to solving childcare problems as the school holidays as arrived! For a lot of businesses, the summer months can be a time of the year where recruitment slows, or companies looking to limit changes within their organisations as key members within departments are often enjoying the joys of a ‘relaxed holiday’ with the children. However the times have significantly changed, and people are no longer uncontactable for two weeks at a time, rather the process has become a lot easier with decisions being merely made with the technology we have at our fingertips.

The technology we have at our fingertips allows for browsing through jobs and discovering new opportunities that little bit easier. As you sit down on the beach, simply soaking up the sun, you surprisingly have more time than you do at any other time of the year!

It comes to no surprise that the peak times for hiring come in September/October and January/February. Quite often, these processes have been ongoing through the summer holidays as people are freer to explore opportunities and take time off to pursue. The holidays bring with them rest and relaxation that allows people to move outside their typical routines and contemplate big decisions. It is a time of reflection and mental healing that allows you to take the step you have always wanted, allowing you to interview with passion.

With everyone in the office, seemingly taken the summer holidays as a chance to being out of the office. Suddenly you find yourself being less noticed in taking a day out of the office yourself. Quite often what holds people back from their next opportunity is the interview process. This comes in the form of a) Trying to not let your current employers know your interviewing 2) finding the time to do the processes without being noticed. Both these problems in the summer month suddenly become an excuse rather than a problem.

With the end of the summer, comes the times of graduation. With many people finishing courses, university or college. This sudden influx of fresh new talent into the pool of candidates creates new job openings at many leading businesses. Large companies will often wait until this time of year to hire or publicise opportunities as it’s a key time to bring in the strongest talent. You will suddenly find that if you begin looking in September or October you are a couple of weeks behind the individuals who took the initiative within the holidays.

So if you are sat down on your fourth Pina Colada or having a tranquil moment away from the children on holiday, it may be good to consider the new opportunity you have ‘yet to get around too’. Making initial contact with the relevant parties now can allow you to suddenly come back off holidays with your dream opportunity being that ever bit closer!


Written By Senior Recruitment Consultant Joseph Kersey (City of London).